Hi, Frieda Christofides here! This site is a mixture of my professional work and my fine arts work. Maybe a bit of fun mixed in here and there!

My art origins began at the High School of Art and Design where we would spend day after day trying to draw straight lines or perfect a line drawing of a seashell. Years later my love for computers happened instantly when I eyed my first Apple Macintosh and saw how easy it was to draw a straight line. I knew the future of design had changed forever! My digital origins are in Desktop Publishing, so if you’re a creative professional, I speak your language. My initial experience was in children’s educational publishing. But like all design professionals I branched out to many other areas. I offer a wide range of services with a vast knowledge of programs.

In A&D it was mandatory to paint outside, known as “en plein air”, like on the subway ride home, or on weekends in the neighborhood. I have kept that up and still love the great outdoors. If you feel like browsing, you can see some of my en plein air paintings and photos of my treks. I graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Printmaking. I thrived on the steps and process of printmaking, intaglio to be specific. Printmaking and digital graphics are very similar because of all the steps needed to create a digital file, followed by the anticipation as you wait for your piece to printout. While modern times have basically eliminated the wait for the final product, I still treasure the outcome.